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Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
Founder of New Life

What is your theology related to Grief and Suffering? …related to Conflict in intimacy, relationships, even your relationship with God?  I welcome exploring with you how grief can fuel maturity, health, Joy, even worship.  Come.  Join me.


Licensed Professional Counselor
EMDR Trained

I am skilled in resourcing families & individuals in tough situations with a variety of presenting symptoms. When mental health issues appear in a child/teen, I prioritize coaching the parents in order to reorient the leadership of the family towards emotional transformation and long-term growth.


Licensed Professional Counselor 

EMDR Trained

I enjoy working with couples and individuals who have a hard time maintaining emotional well-being. Oftentimes, past events and/or relationships have a major impact on this. It would be an honor to walk with you towards a new way of balancing life's circumstances. I am EMDR trained and specialize in couples counseling, marital conflict, affair recovery, anxiety, depression, life transitions, and trauma.

Stephanie Headshot_edited_edited.png

Graduate Student Intern

Supervised by Leah Wilson McDill, Ph.D., LPC-S

We all have a story and are on a journey. My desire is to walk alongside you as you work through struggles and pursue meaning and purpose. I enjoy working with a variety of issues and am particularly interested in working with individuals who are navigating problems with sex and intimacy. 


Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor
Clinical Director  |  EMDR Consultant

Pain and conflict can affect every area of life if left unidentified and unexplored. My desire is to help you come to a place where you recognize the root of the pain, and determine where unhealthy perceptions, patterns and behaviors originate.  


Licensed Professional Counselor
EMDR Trained

I am trained in working with traumatic experiences, past and present, and, should clients desire, I will integrate Christianity into the therapeutic work. I work with individuals and couples in all stages of life.


Licensed Professional Counselor Associate
Supervised by Deana Reed, LPC-S #68220

I welcome working with people that have

anxiety, depression, or suffer from traumatic

experiences. My focus is with adult men and women, couples, and adolescent males having difficulty with their teenage years. I am interested in joining you on your journey to wellness.


Licensed Professional Counselor

Among my areas of expertise are marriage, parenting, blended and nuclear families, relationship issues, divorce recovery, as well as a wide variety of challenges that are facing young women.


Licensed Professional Counselor

I enjoy working with a wide range of presenting issues and ages, but I am particularly interested in working with adolescents and children while incorporating their parents into the therapy process. My passion is working with individuals with developmental disabilities and special needs, as I am especially aware of the unique challenges within this system.


Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

Supervised by Deana Reed, LPC-S #68220

As a Combat Veteran, I know life can let us down and make us feel lost in our pain. However, I have learned that there is hope and tools to help us process and heal from our struggles. I work with adolescents, couples and adults of any age and I would love to join you in your healing journey! 

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