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Because we have been receiving more inquiries, some of which are not applicable to the training that we offer, we thought we would help you understand who we hire and how we train here at New Life.  We only accept applications from LPC Associates.


Associate's or Bachelor's Degree:  
We do not have any employment opportunities for this level of training.  You are welcome to contact us ahead of your site-based internship in your master’s degree program.  We also no longer provide
 graduate student training.


Post-Master's Degree, pre-licensure internship:  
We offer 2-3 post-graduate LPC-Associates per year the opportunity to complete their 3000 hours toward state licensure, and become highly competent therapists. 


Crucial Considerations:  A couple of items are paramount in determining whether or not we will be a good "fit" for you.


1. We are specifically Christian and only hire interns who are deeply anchored in their personal faith. Typically, interns specifically come to work with us to learn more about how to integrate faith into their counseling practice with high ethics and integrity.  


2. We are a training center, which means that an internship at our center is an extension of your education.  To work with our center requires that a post-grad Associate be anchored in one particular theory, and to focus his/her research, application, case presentation, etc., in this particular theory.  This is supported by weekly trainings in Group Supervision and Bowen Theory Training.


Doctoral level internship:  

We do not offer doctoral level internships, as these are typically only 100-200 hours.  We want to train someone for a longer period of time.  So, our commitment to all of our interns and associates is to train more thoroughly than this limited time will allow.

If you are interesting in applying, please fill out our online application below.

Job Application

New Life Counseling Center


Our mission at New Life Counseling Center, PLLC also known as NLCC, is to offer individuals, couples, and families hope, healing, and growth through competent, Christian counseling.  We combine sound biblical principles with the best of proven psychological intervention.  At NLCC, Christian values are upheld and integrate with competent, clinical procedure.

NLCC was born out of and values:

  1. to glorify God in who we are and all we do,

  2. to support the local church by offering trustworthy counseling and program resources that enhance the church’s ministry,

  3. to provide Christian counseling to those in need, especially ministers, Christian workers, and Christian military personnel,

  4. to prepare Christian LPC-Interns for licensure, through excellent supervision, tight ethics, a supportive community of fellow-therapists, and broad experience,

  5. to provide a healthy work environment for Christian LPCs and LPC-Is, who have engaged in their own personal therapy, strictly adhere to the Rules & Regulations set forth by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Licensed Professional Counselors, operate with high ethical standards, and regularly attend a peer consultation group.

If your professional goals are congruent with the aforementioned mission and values, you are welcome to fill out an NLCC Application for Employment.  

Licensing and Examination Information

Examination Information

LPC Associates

Grad Students

If yes to any of the following questions, please explain below:

Have you ever had a malpractice complaint/claim/suit filed against you?
Have you ever been denied a professional license and/or certificate?
Have you ever had a professional license and/or certificate revoked, suspended or denied?
Have you ever voluntarily surrendered a professional license or certificate?
Have you ever been convicted, pled guilty, or nolo contendere to any misdemeanor or felony other than or minor traffic violations?

Graduate Education, Training, & Professional Experience

Christian Faith

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