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Training at New Life

Working toward full licensure is a daunting task.  At New Life Counseling Center, you will have the opportunity to reach that goal with a host of perks to assist you along the way.  Poised to train associates to launch their own businesses, New Life will help you step into that phase of professional development with competence and confidence.


Among the many benefits to joining an established community with a reputation of clinical competence and ethical integrity, here are some of the advantages of joining New Life Counseling Center for your associateship:

  • Paid Associateship

  • Built-in referrals

  • Established office space

  • No overhead (self-employment tax, rent)

  • Freedom to create your own schedule

  • Admin support in capturing invoice payments

  • Free Group supervision (if stay for entire associateship)

  • Potential for free Individual/Triadic supervision (if meeting minimum caseload)

  • Access to and training on EHR

In addition to the above, New Life provides associates with a superlative degree of training in theory and ethics. Consultation, staffing, and intentional gathering lend to a cohesive sense of community.

We are poised to help you achieve the highest level of competence and ethical integrity, thus lessening the risk to your license.  Please visit our Employment page for additional information and to fill out an application.

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