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Choosing a Therapist

Raising the level of Clinical Competence in the Austin Area

We are primarily a training center for graduate students and therapists working toward full licensure. We believe in solid clinical training according to a particular counseling theory, as well as being proficient in the highest standard of ethics.


This means that whatever level of training your therapist has, know that each of our therapists are receiving multiple points of weekly training: supervision, theory training, consultations groups, etc. In this way, we help provide affordable counseling services to our community without sacrificing quality and competence. Additionally, we are well staffed with licensed, experienced counselors, who can help clients who are struggling with more acute or complex issues.

What types of counselors do you have on your staff? 

We have Graduate Interns, Post-Graduate Associates, & Licensed Therapists.


What is a counseling Intern or Associate? 

The requirements in the state of Texas to become a licensed therapist are incredibly rigorous.  These rigorous requirements are in place to ensure that a therapist has ample time for quality training so that the public may have greater confidence in the quality of the licensed professional.  This is a standard of care.


Graduate counseling Interns are currently working on their master’s degree and are accruing hours toward their university or seminary graduation requirements.


Post-Graduate Associates have completed their master’s degree in a mental health field, have already passed a strict, standardized examination, and are currently working toward the required 3000 hours for state licensure.  And just like a graduate of medical school must then complete his/her medical Residency, our Associates are in a similar stage of professional development in completing their post-graduate licensure requirements. 


May I request a particular therapist? Yes, you may consult our Home page that introduces you to the various therapists at NLCC to have a better idea of who you would like to work with.

What if I prefer feedback about which therapist may benefit me the most? From the first contact we believe that a good investment of time, for both you and your therapist, is to spend a couple of minutes on the phone to gather an idea of what issue(s) may invite you to seek counseling.  And based on this information, your therapist may offer you a referral to another therapist, who may specialize in something that you seek, or offer to set an appointment.


How long does counseling take?

Your therapist can easily offer you feedback re: assets that will work your therapist out of a job, and growth toward completing your original goal(s) in therapy.  But how long you choose to work in therapy is ultimately up to you.

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