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Individuals & Couples

Navigating life’s ups and downs can be challenging and, sometimes, downright overwhelming. New Life Counseling Center is here to help during times such as these. We offer a safe space where client and therapist can collaborate to identify and address the root of the issue. Our goal is to support our clients as they navigate the healthy changes they are desiring, whether that be individually or within a relationship.

Couple at the Beach

Affair Recovery

An affair can be one of the most devastating experiences by which a marriage can be tested. The aftermath of a discovery can leave both parties spiraling in an array of painful emotions. This time is filled with questions such as “Can we restore this marriage?”, “Can I ever trust again?”, “Can my partner ever trust me again?”, “Will the pain ever go away?”. Our goal is to work with you to identify the areas in the marriage that have been damaged, allow space to grieve what has been lost, and move forward in order to restore the marriage to a healthy and fulfilling state. Here at New Life Counseling Center we have therapists who have a heart for helping clients walk this road of recovery.

Black Couch

Blended Families

Blended families have challenges that are unique to them, and the complicated web of relationships can be painful to navigate. Additionally, other items that must be considered are co-parenting, discipline, stepchild/stepparent dynamics, added financial burdens, and even grief and loss from a divorce, just to name a few. New Life Counseling Center has therapists that specialize in this unique experience, and our desire is to help blended families build the skill set needed to be able to enjoy healthy family patterns.

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