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Counseling for Teens

Adolescence is a special time of development for young people, and can often present brand new challenges both for the young individual working hard to grow up and for the parents working hard to lead the family. We have clinicians on staff who are passionate about guiding both teens and parents though this phase of life, whether the presenting problems are big or small. Our clinicians are skilled to handle various situations for teens such as, but not limited to: shut down or withdrawn teens, rebellious behavior, overuse of media/technology, suicidal ideation/self-harm behavior, identity development and failure to launch. Our therapists believe in a restored and thriving relationship between teens and parents, and will work with the family towards achieving it.

Living Room

College Students/Young Adults

Young adulthood is a phase when counseling can provide valuable support as individuals branch out on their own and face life transitions, identity development, and learn to navigate the constantly changing variables of higher education and entering the job market - just to name a few! Our counselors are passionate about walking alongside young adults and helping them become the person they fully desire to be. Some benefits of counseling at this stage in life include gaining self-understanding, defining one’s goals and guiding principles in life, and growing into mature adult relationships with one’s family of origin.

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