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Request an Appointment

with an Associate Therapist

At NLCC, we are interested in trying to connect you with the therapist best suited for your needs.  Thus, even from the first phone call, we believe that a good investment of time for both you and your therapist is to spend approximately five minutes on the phone to gather an idea of what issue(s) may invite you to seek counseling.  And based on this information, your therapist may offer you a referral to another therapist, who may specialize in something that you seek, or offer to set an appointment.

For a quicker response from our team, please fill out our online form. Phone calls will be returned in 24-48 hours.

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New Life Counseling Center is NOT on any insurance panels. However there are multiple payment options to help make counseling affordable. Please visit the links for "Insurance" and "Fees and Payment" under the FAQ drop down menu for more information.

Do you have any pending legal proceedings related to your counseling inquiry?If yes, please explain below:
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