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Play Therapy with Children

Children experience the same feelings as adults, such as grief and loss, effects from the divorce of their parents, and other unexpected changes as well. The notion that children don’t notice, forget, do not understand or will automatically “bounce back” is simply untrue.


Science and research shows that even babies can be deeply impacted by difficult transitions, and their emotions, behaviors, and development will reflect it at some point.


Through play, children communicate their perceptions of themselves and their experiences. Play Therapists have the unique skills to use children’s natural language of play to help children work through difficulties in real time.


Research supports the purpose of Play Therapy building on the natural way that children learn about themselves and their relationships in the world around them, and how impacting a child's outlook can affect behavior, perceptions, and close relationships.

In the event your child is struggling with anxiety or depression, dealing with a transition or move, or adjusting to a life without a loved one, we can help.


We believe family and other supportive relationships are vital to a child's sense of security, safety and well-being. We will work closely with you to help create an environment that will create a new way of life for your child and family.

Child Introduction to Play Therapy

Parent Introduction to Play Therapy

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