Free Online Group Therapy

There has never been a better time to engage in group therapy than right now!  COVID-19 is changing our lives everyday - from working at home to even being furloughed, being forced to homeschool our children, having to wear masks in public, etc. - not to mention the anxiety, fear, isolation, and depression that the unknown tends to breed.  Every person has been affected in multiple ways by this pandemic.  How do we deal with this overnight shift in our lives?

Our counseling groups are a place to process one's experiences with what is going on in both the internal (emotions) as well as the external (physical) world in which we are currently living.  In the groups we create a safe, calm place that facilitates openness and mutual support.

What are the benefits of group therapy?

Group therapy provides support and allows participants to see that they are not alone in their challenges.  The groups are limited to no more than 6 people in order to allow plenty of opportunity for interaction.

How often does the group meet, and for how long?

The groups will meet for 90 minutes once per week for 10 weeks, beginning in May.

What is the cost?

FREE for the first 5 group meetings, then $10 per meeting for the next 5 remaining weeks.


About the Therapists

Our groups are led by highly qualified interns, each having completed a Master’s degree in the field of mental health.  Each of them holds a provisional license granted by the State of Texas and is in the middle of completing his/her 3,000 professional counseling hours.  All interns attend weekly theory training groups and all are under the supervision of Dr. Leah McDill, LPC-S.

What groups are you offering?

Our groups are pending.  Check back with us!

How do I sign up?

Contact the leader of the group in which you are interested and they will respond to you with the paperwork and everything else you need to know!