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Tonea Smith, LPC-Associate
Supervised by Deana Reed, LPC #68220

The journey I go on with my clients is filled with extreme delicacy and compassion. The amount of vulnerability it takes to act on the awareness that you need a partner on your journey towards mental health is monumental. That act can literally be life-changing. I honor the role of being the one to provide guidance, not as someone who knows more than you, but as someone who is genuinely here to walk with you.

Throughout this journey, I'll operate out of the Bowen Family Systems theory. It's my belief that the majority of our stressors are heightened due to emotional imbalances, mostly found within our immediate family structures. Our main goal is not to figure out 'who' or 'what' is to blame for that imbalance, but rather learn how to work towards a more balanced life.

I have passion and experience in working within the areas of breakup/divorce recovery, marital conflict, family conflict, co-parenting, premarital counseling, couples counseling, women's issues and minority issues.

The integration of Christianity can be incorporated upon client request or prompting.


Individual: $105

Couples/Family: $120

Education: Bachelors of Arts in Development and Family Studies, University of North TexasMasters of Science in Professional Counseling, Texas Woman's University

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