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Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor 

Founder of New Life


512-238-1700 ext. 312

I enjoy working with individuals to address boundaries, negotiation of power in relationships, conflicts in intimacy and/or spirituality, shame, grief & loss, and those adjusting to a diagnosis of a chronic medical issue (as I am a Type-I diabetic and a 2x cancer survivor).  I invite clients to consider how past relationships influence current relational patterns and how these often influence current anxiety and depression.  I pursue this by a) grieving past pain, and b) focusing on a client’s internal resources to help manage his/her greatest fears and unmet fantasies.  Lastly, I enjoy teaching graduate students at Texas State University and training LPC-Interns on how to integrate Christian faith within the therapy process here at New Life.  



Doctorate of Philosophy in Marriage & Family Therapy, Fuller Theological Seminary
Master of Arts in Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary
Master of Arts in Christian Counseling, Oral Roberts University
Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy, Oral Roberts University
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Oral Roberts University


Professional Memberships: 

The Net Connection, Co-Founder 

Christian Counselors of Texas


Teaching Affiliation:  Adjunct Professor at Texas State University



Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor

Clinical Director


512-238-1700 ext. 318

At times, the stress of life can become overwhelming and downright painful.  Having someone to help you navigate this difficult season can be the answer toward healing. Pain and conflict can affect every area of life if left unidentified and unexplored. My desire is to help you come to a place where you recognize the root of the pain, and determine where unhealthy perceptions, patterns and behaviors originate.  I also specialize in working with individuals who have experienced trauma. Trauma is an emotional response to an event, and can leave us with long term reactions/symptoms that manifest themselves in a variety of ways. I am certified in  EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) which helps to reduce the negative feelings associated with a traumatic event. Clients may choose either the southwest (Bee Cave) or north (Round Rock) locations. ​Please let me know if I may help with your journey of healing and health!


Master of Arts in Professional Counseling, Texas State University
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Texas State University



Certified EMDR Therapist

     (for more information on EMDR Therapy, visit www.emdria.org)

Consultant-in-Training (for EMDR trained clinicians seeking certification)


EMDRIA International Association



Licensed Professional Counselor


512-238-1700 ext. 321

I believe that everyone has the ability to achieve mental and emotional well-being and to lead a life that is worth celebrating. I am passionate re: helping guide you and your family on this journey of healing. With compassion and understanding, I provide support and practical feedback to help clients effectively address personal life challenges. I work with each individual to empower him/her to build on strengths and attain personal growth. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in life and in relationships. By integrating Bowen Family Systems theory and sound Biblical principles, we will unearth long-standing relational patterns that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Among my areas of expertise are marriage, parenting, blended and nuclear families, relationship issues, divorce recovery, as well as a wide variety of challenges that are facing teens and young women.  Taking clients at our North Location.


Master of Arts in Christian Counseling, Oral Roberts University
Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy, Oral Roberts University
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Oral Roberts University



Positive Discipline Parent Educator



Licensed Professional Counselor


512-238-1700 ext. 310

Greetings, and saludos! I am skilled in resourcing families in tough situations, ranging anywhere from withdrawn or rebellious teens to anxious children; from parental conflict to just feeling plain stuck as a family. My main specialty is family therapy for teens and parents, though I work with children as young as 12. Having ten years of experience in the mental health field, I also provide treatment for grief and intense forms of anxiety and depression, as well as for Spanish speakers. 


My counseling approach is Bowen Family Systems, which means that whether you are seeking individual or family treatment, we may explore how family of origin dynamics contribute to the current issue at hand. Bowen Theory has proven itself to be an incredibly efficient “road map” for getting unstuck - I have witnessed countless families discover new options in facing old problems. And if you're interested in Christian spirituality, I can incorporate that into treatment upon request. Please feel free to email or call with any questions, and I’d be honored to walk with you on your journey.

Taking clients at our North and Southwest Locations.


Es mi pasión y trabajo ser un instrumento de curación y crecimiento personal en la vida de  otros. Como terapeuta, le  acompañaré en su camino hacía una vida plenamente vivida. En nuestra relación y conexión, el crecimiento es facilitado y sostenido por nuestra mutua responsabilidad. Considero que los individuos siempre llevan consigo su familia. Por eso si usted busca tratamiento individual o para múltiples miembros de su familia, trabajo bajo la teoría sistémica de Bowen. Este enfoque terapéutico siempre considera que la familia, no el individuo, es la unidad básica de la emoción. Al acompañar a las familias, es mi esperanza y propósito facilitar nuevas maneras fructíferas de relacionarse, y caminar con ustedes hacía una vida plena, libre, mutuamente responsable y compartida. Tengo varios años de experiencia con adolescentes en riesgo. Mi especialidad es trabajar con adolescentes y sus padres en tratamiento familiar, aunque también trabajo con niños de 10 años y mayor. Además, trabajo con adultos en tratamiento individual."  Recibiendo nuevos clientes en ambos lugares. 



Master of Arts (MA) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at St Mary’s University
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Latin American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin


Professional Memberships:

Catholic Psychotherapy Association

EMDR Trained



Licensed Professional Counselor 


512-238-1700 ext. 323

Life can become overwhelming at times. Each of us experiences hurt, pain, frustration, disappointment, sadness, or anxiety in our lives. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety or family/marital distress, or maybe you are simply hurting deeply, there is help available.  I am dedicated to providing caring, professional, confidential, and effective counseling to my clients. Through the application of a family systems perspective, my goal is to provide a compassionate, safe place where you are able to discuss your concerns, identify the problem and work toward personal goals to heal from trauma, improve relationships, overcome life’s challenges, gain insight, learn new life skills, grow as a person and become all that you were created to be.  For those who have experienced trauma, I am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) which helps to reduce the negative feelings associated with a traumatic event.


Master of Arts, Professional Counseling, Liberty University
Bachelor of Arts in Education, Central Bible College


Professional Memberships:   

American Association of Christian Counselors
Certified EMDR Therapist

     (for more information on EMDR Therapy, visit www.emdria.org)

Also listed on AllTherapist.com



Licensed Professional Counselor

Registered Play Therapist 


512-238-1700 ext. 315

Sometimes in life we find ourselves in a place where we never thought we’d be.  I like to compare these times to weathering a storm. When you are in a storm you are unable to see outside of it. You may find your emotions and thoughts to be cloudy and confused by your own actions. These challenging times during life present an opportunity for growth.


I provide a safe, supportive environment focused on the uniqueness of each individual, the “whole” person, growth, and the power of change. Counseling is a collaborative journey between client and counselor to obtain new direction, insight, and skills, while navigating through the storm, in order to improve quality and enjoyment of life. I want my clients to leave feeling empowered, possessing a sense of control, and equipped to handle what the future may bring. 


I work with children to adults and families, individuals, and groups.  My specialties include: child and adolescent issues, women's issues, developing healthy coping strategies, healthy relationships, and life transitions. Spirituality can be incorporated upon client request. 


The main theories I use are:  Play Therapy, Sandtray Therapy, Person-Centered, Positive Psychology, and Family Systems . I am currently working on my certification in Animal-Assisted Therapy  and completing my supervision for my Certified Humanistic Sandtray Therapist.  Remember, life is a gift, and life is too short to not enjoy the true beauty of living. 



Master of Arts in Counseling, Sam Houston State University

Bachelor of Arts in Government, The University of Texas at Austin


Professional Memberships: 

Registered Play Therapist 

Association of Play Therapy           

Level II Trained in Certified Humanistic Sandtray Therapist 

Training in Animal-assisted Therapy 

Madison 2.jpg

Madison Meadows

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate


512-238-1700 ext. 316

Many factors in life can influence people to feel powerless, hopeless, or out of control. My goal in counseling is to empower my clients by building on strengths, and cultivating new skills to promote healing in brokenness. Through the counseling process, my focus is to promote hope while providing you with support, guidance, and a safe space to develop further insight into the areas of your life where you feel stuck, or desire growth and change. My passion is to walk with you in further alignment of your identity, innate value, and purpose while integrating Christian faith as desired into the therapy process. Working from a Bowen theoretical perspective, I view you as a part of a family and larger system of support, which impacts you as an individual. I invite you to consider how past relationships and experiences influence your current relational patterns or existing troubles. I then work with you to process any pain, related fears, and anxiety in order to develop boundaries and create new patterns in how to function independently and relate to others. We all experience frustration, fear, loss, dissatisfaction, disappointment, and feelings of hopelessness throughout our lives. When we do, help is available. I would love to walk with you toward growth, healing, and hope.  I work with individuals and couples in therapy including premarital counseling. I enjoy working with clients on counseling goals related to the development of identity; purpose, relational conflict; communication, life transitions, spiritual growth, issues related to self-worth, forgiveness, shame, and grief; loss. I also have experience working with depression, anxiety, conflict resolution, and sexual abuse. Please feel free to contact me for more information if you are interested in setting up a meeting! Taking clients at our North and South location.

Masters of Education in Clinical Mental Health Counseling,

 The University of Texas at Austin
Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Sciences,

 The University of Texas at Austin



Courtney Pic.jpeg

Courtney Lipscomb

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate


512-238-1700 ext. 319

I view the human person as innately endowed with dignity on a journey toward finding meaning, value, and purpose in life.  Each individual is unique; yet, each is also influenced by and influences others through relationship. By working with you from a systems perspective, I walk alongside you while you work to gain insight into how your family of origin may have helped to contribute to what brings you to counseling, without blame, and define your goals for therapy.  We will work together to discover what may be impeding growth and flourishing. I am trained in working with traumatic experiences, past and present, and, should clients desire, I will integrate Christianity into the therapeutic work. I work with individuals, couples, adolescents, older adults, and families. Please contact me to discover more about your growth.



     Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology, University of Texas at Dallas

     Master of Science (MS) in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Divine Mercy University



     Christian Counselors of Texas

     American Counseling Association

     Catholic Psychotherapy Association

     EMDR trained





Payton Sparks

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate


512-238-1700 ext. 314

I feel honored to walk with my clients through their struggles and support them as they work towards positive change. My ultimate hope is to empower individuals who are stuck, ashamed, unheard, or scared. I believe through a collaborative, therapeutic relationship everyone can gain greater insight into what is contributing to their problems, learn to embrace their strengths, and feel empowered to build a more solid sense of self to reach their full potential. Working with clients from a Bowen Family Systems perspective, I view everyone as a part of a larger, more complex system and believe exploring relational patterns and unique roles through this systematic viewpoint helps achieve a greater sense of awareness and healing. My passion is working with individuals, alongside their parents and siblings, with developmental disabilities and special needs, as I am especially aware of the unique challenges within this system. In addition to my experience working with substance use and trauma, I also work with young adults individually, as well as adolescents and families who are experiencing various issues related to depression, anxiety, life transitions, relational conflict, and self-esteem. I would love to speak with you and learn about how I can support you through the counseling process!



     Masters of Arts in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness, New York University

     Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Texas at Austin


Tonea Smith

Licensed Professional Counselor Associate


512-238-1700 ext. 313

Compassion is the best word I can find to describe what matters to be in the relationship between a client and myself. The amount of vulnerability and courage it takes to be aware and also act on the awareness that you need guidance is monumental. That act can literally be life-changing. I honor the role of being the one to provide guidance, not as someone who knows more than you, but as someone who is genuinely interested in walking with you towards healing.

Throughout this journey, I'll operate out of the Bowen Family Systems theory. It's my belief that most of our stressors are related to the imbalances found within our immediate families or our 'base'. Our main goal is not to figure out who or what to blame for that stress, but to instead figure out how to get that base balanced.

I have passion and experience in working within the areas of breakup/divorce recovery, marital conflict, family conflict, co-parenting, premarital counseling, couples counseling, women's issues and minority issues.

The integration of Christianity can be incorporated upon client request or prompting.

Bachelors of Arts in Development and Family Studies, University of North Texas
Masters of Science in Professional Counseling, Texas Woman's University


Sam Brock

Graduate Student Intern


512-238-1700 ext. 311

The challenges of life can often feel overwhelming and it is easy to feel discouraged when we experience trauma, abuse, neglect, and pain. I am honored to walk with my clients through the counseling process to seek recovery. I have a passion for seeing change take place on the road to healing. Working with teens and children are special interests of mine and I operate from a Family Systems framework. The family dynamic is an integral part of the healing process in order to remove the feelings of shame, aloneness, doubt, fear, anxiety, and depression that can often consume our emotions. I also work with families who may be in a situation with a loved one who is struggling. Please feel free to contact me for more information and I would love to help provide support for you through the counseling process.


Master of Clinical Counseling, Liberty University (May 2021)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Texas A&M University


Irene M. Perez

Graduate Student Intern


512-238-1700 ext. 317

I have faith in people’s ability to change and heal, to make decisions that lead to balance and well-being.  It is often in the midst of difficult times, when we face our greatest fears, that we can discover the opportunity to change and find  our inner strength, courage, and resiliency. I am passionate to work with you as you face challenging life transitions, grief and loss, becoming a caregiver, career changes, or retirement.  I am committed to helping clients with compassion and empathy in their journey towards healing, transformation, and self-discovery. Through the integration of spirituality and Bowen Family Systems theory, clients explore the dynamics of their past and present relationships shedding light on healthier and more authentic ways of being. This can empower them to enjoy more meaningful, fulfilling, and enjoyable relationships grounded in shared responsibility.  I am prepared and willing to walk alongside you to support your growth and transformation through the counseling process.  I am taking clients at our North Location.


Yo tengo fé en la habilidad de las personas para cambiar y sanar, para tomar decisiones que los encaminan a una vida plena y armoniosa.  Con frecuencia, en los momentos más difíciles de la vida, cuando nos enfrentamos a lo que más tememos, es desde allí que pueda surgir la oportunidad de cambiar y de descubrir dentro de nosotros mismos nuestra fuerza interior, nuestra valentía y firmeza de carácter. Es por esto que mi pasión es trabajar con usted en estos momentos de procesos de cambio, en los que nos enfrentamos a retos como son lutos y pérdidas, o cuando tenemos la gran responsabilidad de cuidar a familiares enfermos o ancianos, o cuando nos vemos obligados a cambiar de profesión o jubilación. Yo estoy comprometida para asistir a estas personas con compasión y empatía en su camino hacia la transformación, salud y descubrimiento interior. A través de la integración de la espiritualidad y la teoría Sistémica de Bowen, los clientes pueden explorar las dinámicas de sus relaciones pasadas y presentes, pueden descubrir formas más sanas y auténticas de relacionarse y de disfrutar de relaciones más plenas, felices y significativas, basadas en responsabilidad compartida. Estoy preparada y dispuesta para apoyar su crecimiento y transformación a través del proceso de asesoría terapéutica.  Recibo clientes en nuestra oficina ubicada al Norte. 



Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling with Spiritual Integration, Seminary of the Southwest (Spring 2021)

Master of Arts in Applied Orthodox Theology, Antiochian House of Studies

Bachelor of Fine Arts, The University of Texas at Austin


Professional memberships:

American Counseling Association


Deborah Robertson

Graduate Student Intern


512-238-1700 ext. 328

I am passionate about working with people!  And life can be hard at times, suggesting a need for support that encourages and equips—which is my role for you.  Many issues can contribute to overall mental health and can impact long-term emotional and physical wellness.  You may be facing situations of stress, relationship conflicts, marital/family issues, employment struggles, caregiving issues, grief and loss, or life transitions.  I use the Bowen Family Systems theory in my approach, helping you to recognize patterns of thought, communication, or behavior that may be creating more stress than calm.  I will invite and guide you towards learning new patterns and responsive techniques which empower self and  lessen situational anxieties you may be experiencing.  As a lifetime learner, I also bring to our sessions a depth of experience gained from different life roles--as a lawyer serving people, a caregiver of elderly parents, and co-creator of family with my husband of 40+ years.  And, by your questions or at your request, I will integrate Spirituality in our conversations.  Difficult as it is sometimes, life can be filled with the richness of purpose, hope, and  joy.  Working with individuals, couples, or families, my goal is to help each client discover a richer, more positive  life along the way.  If you are interested in this journey, I hope to hear from you so we can work and walk together.



Master of Arts (MA) in Mental Health Counseling at Seminary of the Southwest in Austin (Spring 2021)

Doctor of Jurisprudence (JD), School of Law, University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Science (BS) in Criminal Justice, minors Psychology/Business, University of Texas at Arlington