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Welcoming Waiting

The waiting game seems to be ongoing—waiting for the next stage of life, waiting for

Spring Break, then summer break, then graduation, then marriage, then kids, our next

promotion, etc. Sitting in the waiting is a challenge much like that unreachable scratch mid-back that you cannot quite reach. We are constantly waiting for something…waiting, waiting,

waiting. I easily find myself filled with impatience, anxiety and worry about what is next, yet

through learning, I have come to the conclusion that this waiting game is endless and not

avoidable anytime soon. Therefore, finding where it is that I realistically have control in this

game seems helpful. Fact is, I do have wiggle room in deciding WHO I want to be amidst the waiting.

Waiting reminds me of pregnancy, of engagement, internships, school schedules, traffic,

of parents waiting for their children to change, or waiting for our spouses to stop their

unhealthy addiction. It reminds me of seasons when it feels like you should reach some

ultimate peak that is never actually the “real” peak because just over the hill is something else to strive towards. This is not a novel revelation, I know.

What continues to amaze me, however, is that throughout the anticipating, there are

many gifts to discover. My character is exposed dramatically in 5 pm I-35 traffic or when Prime is not offered on an Amazon order. This intolerant, sensitive, self-centered character that fumes and fusses divulges a part of me that I prefer to not share with those whose opinions puff me up—my husband, my coworkers, my pastor, my friends.

If there are gifts to be discovered in waiting, what are we do to with the unflattering

sides of our character that are uncovered in impatience? Once exposed, we have the choice to continue to react or to level ourselves with reality. Similar to the metaphors of becoming a

butterfly or pruning a plant or losing your feathers like a peacock, I am hopeful for the

fruitfulness of the season of waiting.

Leveling myself back to reality looks like accepting what I cannot control (insert 5 pm

traffic or going a day without my preferred Amazon-ordered toothpaste) and striving towards

being the reflection that is centered on my real principles i.e. kindness, gentleness, patience,

self-control. These wait times give us opportunities to step into who we choose to be, to repent of our short-comings and continue to persevere to be a more thoughtful, full person.

What are you waiting for? Who are you when you are called to be in a position of patience?

What characteristics do you want to embody in the middle of this ongoing wait game?


Listen to “Seasons” by Hillsong Worship

Reflect on John 15:2-6

Interested in processing your seasons of waiting? Reach out anytime.

Ellie Rogers

Licensed Professional Counselor #76240



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