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Slowing Down in the New Year - Anne Holland, LPC-Intern

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

After a holiday season brimming with commitments and activities, we turn our attention to taking down decorations and returning to a normal pace of everyday life. As I look back, entering a new year I am usually full of energy and hope for what lies ahead. Whether I have carefully made plans or not, I see the time stretching out before me full of possibilities and responsibilities. It’s easy for these items to consume my energy without pausing to allow where I’ve been to resonate and inform where I’m going. Slowing down to listen and learn from myself so I can adjust how I approach a new year becomes an intentional act of self-care.  

For many, the process of listening and learning can be revolutionary in how we care first and foremost for ourselves. Fostering a deeper understanding of self increases our capacity for compassion, appreciation, and intimacy. This journey informs our ability in knowing and learning about our most basic and complex needs.

Taking steps to start or continue this journey may seem daunting and it’s easy to convince ourselves waiting until an undisclosed time in the future will be better for a variety of reasons. In the past, I’ve even found myself relying on a long list of external goals as a means of distracting myself from doing the harder work of understanding deeper needs. I have learned through experience our ability to prioritize and value increasing the intimacy of our relationship with self directly influences the quality of how we achieve our goals and connect with others.

What self-care plans do you have in the New Year? Wherever you find yourself, counseling can offer fresh insights, reveal previously unseen opportunities for personal growth, and enhance relationships. 

I’m ready to partner together in the therapeutic exploration of your life experiences and invite you to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Anne Holland, LPC-Intern (Supervised by Leah McDill, Ph.D., LPC-S) anneholland@nlcc1.com 512-238-1700 ext. 329

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