Welcome to New Life Counseling Center. 


We are glad that you found us.  You are taking a great step to finding hope, healing and growth in your life.  We have intentionally created an environment away from the intimidation and sterility from the average doctor’s office and hope to invite you into our serene space where you will experience healing and growth, through allowing us to serve you in your therapy journey. 

Our Values


I. Glorifying God in who we are and all we do.

II. Supporting the local church by offering trustworthy counseling and program resources that enhance the church’s ministry. 

III. Providing Christian counseling to those in need, especially ministers, Christian workers, and Christian military personnel. 

IV. Preparing Christian Licensed Professional Counselor Interns and Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associates for licensure—through excellent supervision, a supportive community of fellow-therapists, and broad experience.

Our Philosophy


NLCC’s philosophy of human nature is basically optimistic. We see the human spirit as created by God, and is adaptable, enduring, and capable of creative growth.  Periodically this growth is stunted or inhibited by circumstantial stress, chemical imbalances, “thinking errors” that we learn early in life, all of which blocks basic trust and intimacy. 


In addition, everyone possesses strengths, skills, hardships, conflicts, insights, and hope.  But sometimes we cannot see these in ourselves, or do not know what to do with them.  And perhaps we try to force some sense of control, whether it is perceived or genuine, to feel better about ourselves or the situation.  Thus, our job, as competent therapists, is to help you address these issues from cognitive and/or affective directions to help you focus on what you can and cannot control.