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Future staff/Employment

Because we have been receiving more inquiries, some of which are not applicable to the training that we offer, we thought we would help you understand how we train here at New Life and who we hire.  


Associate's or Bachelor's Degree:  
We do not have any employment opportunities for this level of training.  You are welcome to contact us after you have completed your master's degree in a mental health field and are prepared to pursue state licensure.  


Pre-Master's Degree practicum or intern options:  
While we are primarily designed to assist post-graduate interns en route toward state licensure, we may have rare opportunities to assist grad students who are in their practicum and graduate student internship. To apply, please complete the application for employment and submit a resume.


Post-Master's Degree, pre-licensure internship:  
This is the prime platform that we offer in training interns to become highly competent therapists.  A couple of items are paramount in determining whether or not we will be a good "fit" for you.    

  1. We are specifically Christian and only hire interns who are deeply anchored in their personal faith.  –Typically, interns specifically come to work with us to learn more about how to integrate faith into their counseling practice with high ethics and integrity.    

  2. We are a training center, which means that an internship at our center is an extension of your education.  We have two different tracks of theory training: Object Relations, and Bowen Family Systems.  To work with our center requires that an intern be anchored in one particular track (even though you can switch after your internship if you choose), and to focus his/her research, application, case presentation, etc., in this particular theory.  This is supported by weekly training in group with a supervisor or trainer in one chosen theory as well.   

Doctoral level internship:  

We do not offer doctoral level internships, as these are typically only 100-200 hours.  We want to train someone for a longer period of time.  So, our commitment to all of our interns is to train more thoroughly than this limited time will allow.

The NLCC Application for Employment can be mailed to our Round Rock New Life Counseling address or emailed to Angel Hirsch, LPC at angeliahirsch@nlcc1.com.